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Children usually metabolize decongestants differently than adults. Decongestants should not be given to infants and other children under 4 years of age, and some doctors recommend not giving them even to children under 14 years of Erythromycin, as children are at particular risk for central nervous system side effects such as seizures, rapid heartbeat, loss of consciousness and death.

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Erythromycin DR Therapy

The benefits of immunotherapy include: - targeting a specific allergen; - decreased sensitivity of the airways, lungs and upper respiratory tract to certain allergens; - preventing the development of new allergies in children; - reduction of asthma symptoms and use of asthma medications in patients with known types of allergies. Studies show that it may also help prevent the development of asthma in children with allergies.

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People who should avoid immunotherapy are those who have: - a positive response in skin allergy tests (they may have an allergic reaction); - shortness of breath; - uncontrolled severe asthma or any lung disease; - Taking certain medications (such as beta-blockers).

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Immunotherapy may be used for allergic patients who are not responding to medications and who have tested positive for certain allergens in their body after it has been used. The latest guidelines show that immunotherapy is safe for young children and pregnant women, although only half the dose is generally recommended.

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The main disadvantage of immunotherapy is that it requires a long course of weekly injections. The process usually involves regular injections of erythromycin allergen extracts - usually twice a week (first weekly and then increasing to maintenance). It usually takes several months to reach a maintenance dose, but this process can take up to 3 years. Then the intervals between doses of injections can be 2-4 weeks, and the treatment should continue for another 3-5 years.

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  • Patients may experience some relief during the first 3-6 months. If there is no relief within 12-18 months, the injection should be discontinued. After the termination of immuWith no therapy, about a third of patients with allergies no longer have any symptoms, a third have symptoms improve, and another third have a recurrence of the disease.
  • The use of a series of injections is effective, but patients often do not adhere to the treatment regimen. Some other programs that may make the treatment regimen easier are still being researched.
  • Side effects and complications of immunotherapy. Ragweed injections and sometimes dust mites have higher risks of side effects than other sources of allergy immunotherapy. If complications or allergic reactions develop, they usually resolve within 20 minutes, although some may develop up to 2 hours after the injection.
  • Side effects of erythromycin include: itching, swelling, red eyes, hives, soreness at the injection site. Less common side effects are low blood pressure, increased asthma, or difficulty breathing. This is due to an extreme allergic reaction - anaphylactic shock.
  • This can also happen if excessive doses are given. In rare cases, especially at excessive doses or if the patient has severe lung problems, severe life-threatening reactions may occur. Prophylactic medications with antihistamines and corticosteroids may reduce the risk of a reaction to immunotherapy.
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Some research suggests that early exposure to some of these allergens, including dust mites and pets, may actually prevent children from developing allergies. - Hidden protection against allergens. People who already have pets and are not allergic to them are likely to have a low risk of developing such allergies in the future.

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This is why children who have contact with dogs or cats during their first year of life have a much lower risk of not only allergies, but also asthma (however, this does not protect them from other allergens - in particular, from dust mites and cockroaches) .

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Bathing animals once a week can reduce allergens. Dry shampoos remove allergens from the skin and fur of cats and dogs and are easier to use than wet shampoos. - Limit exposure to cigarette and other smoke. Parents who smoke and have allergic children should stop smoking. Studies show that exposure to second-hand smoke in the home increases the risk of asthma and related attacks in children.

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